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  • Scrap / Export Your Car At The Highest Price In Singapore
  • 24/7/365
  • 74 Sungei Kadut Street 1, Singapore 729374
  • Call Us Now @ +65 8110 9051
DNA Auto Used Audi Car

DNA Auto Sell Your Used Car

We believe that every car is unique. DNA Auto buy your used car and our professionals will check working condition of your car and after evaluating we advice to export or scrap your used car.

We make your car disposal process very simple. DNA offers highest price for your car. No matter if your cars COE is expiring or not. Upon sharing your information, DNA will contact you within 5 mins to answer any queries that you might have. No charges, no hidden fees for selling your car to us. We provide full transfer, loan and paperwork assistance, so you can enjoy a seamless selling experience with DNA Auto.


We have 8 years experience in scrapping and exporting used cars in Singapore

  • Provide Free Car Valuation Report.
  • Offer Highest Price for your car.
  • Cash Deal On The Spot. Bank Transfer, Paynow, Paylah
  • No Hidden Charge & No Hassle
  • LTA-Approved Dealer in Singapore.



Your Cars COE Expiring Soon or not, DNA Auto will buy your car. After viewing your car condition and documentation we do Instant Cash Transfer within 60 minutes.

DNA Auto provide doorstep car collection service and do instant payment. If your car model have good demand overseas, Car Body Value will be higher amount of money. We make sure best offer for your car in Singapore.

We deregister and dispose your car at our scrapyard. Hassle-free one-stop service, handling all LTA related deregistration procedures will be handled by our team.

DNA Auto can dispose of your car by exporting your car using freight services. If you wish to relocate your car overseas, our team will also handle all LTA and Singapore Customs procedures on your behalf and ship your car to your desired country.

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