By selling your used car to direct buyers, you will be able to fetch a price of about $3000 – $7000 above trade-in values. Selling your car at DNA Auto in Singapore is very simple and uncomplicated. Hassle-free and easy vehicle paper processing is our finest way to deliver to you your desired results. Each is handled and taken into action by our proficient staff for an immediate quote as soon as possible so that you can achieve the utmost satisfaction. Secure your confidence with DNA!

Sell Used Car in Singapore

When you sell your car to a direct buyer, it is usually, sold as its current condition, without refurbishment, and not protected under any warranty. However, when dealers buy your car to resell as a second-hand car, they are usually refurbished to showroom condition and protected by a 6-month warranty, under the Lemon Law. That explains why dealers typically buy your car below the market price to factor in repair works and refurbishments!. selling your car to a direct buyer sound enticing but you feel intimidated by the time-consuming process? Selling your car through a consignment agent allows you to enjoy the benefit of a higher sale price without having to suffer the painstaking legwork and paperwork.